No Greenhouse Effect Here

In a previous article, I determined the average surface temperature of Earth without an atmosphere using a collection of equal-area pieces of our planet. What’s interesting is that many places, on average, are hotter without the so-called greenhouse effect than with it! And it’s not a small amount of places! The following are latitude bandsContinue reading “No Greenhouse Effect Here”

Shrinking GH Effect Closer to Reality

In a previous article, I attempted to figure out a more accurate surface temperature for an imaginary Earth with no atmosphere compared to the standard approach of completely neglecting surface emissivity. The formula I used is: The result I got was 273.6 K. This gives me a theoretical greenhouse gas warming of about 16.1 K,Continue reading “Shrinking GH Effect Closer to Reality”

7 Decades of Net Solar Radiation

Imagine thinking that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate (IPCC) is an actual legitimate scientific organization and seeing this diagram: “Woah” you think to yourself. “Look at what humans have done!” Notice, there is one natural factor: “Solar Irradiance”. But what they don’t tell you is that this is solar variation at the top of theContinue reading “7 Decades of Net Solar Radiation”

Python NetCDF Latitude Area Weighted Global Average

The earth is not flat, and it’s not a sphere. If you’re doing data analysis on climate netcdf files with the Python programming language, you may need to figure out how to properly average gridded data over oblate spheroid Earth. Unfortunately there is few to no simple guides on how to do this properly. SearchingContinue reading “Python NetCDF Latitude Area Weighted Global Average”

6 Decades of Snow Water Equivalent

Scientists developed a very high resolution dataset that goes back 6 decades: TerraClimate (Nature link). I am continuing my examination of their data (with model stuffing). Today I will look at their swe series from 1958 to 2021 (inclusive). swe stands for Snow Water Equivalent. Let’s see what the data shows … I expected anContinue reading “6 Decades of Snow Water Equivalent”

6 Decades of Shortwave Radiation

Scientists developed a very high resolution dataset that goes back 6 decades: TerraClimate (Nature link). I will/may be examining their data (with model stuffing) in the next few posts. The first thing I downloaded was the srad dataset, all 8.4GB of it, from 1958 to 2021. srad means Shortwave Radiation (to Surface). I was aContinue reading “6 Decades of Shortwave Radiation”

Shrinking the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect closer to reality

Mainstream climate science claims that without an atmosphere, Earth’s surface temperature would be, on average, below freezing. It would be about 33 degrees C colder than it is with an atmosphere. Actually, they claim that without greenhouse gases (GHGs) that would be the case. Someone at NASA even made this ridiculous statement: Remove carbon dioxide,Continue reading “Shrinking the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect closer to reality”

20 Years of Climate Change

Hi! My name is Zoe, and I’m a highly respectable person and therefore a climate alarmist. Humans are causing severe climate change and 99.999999+ bazillion percent of scientists agree. Only a few bad and uneducated people disagree. I will show them with sound reasoning why they are wrong. Here’s the best evidence that humans areContinue reading “20 Years of Climate Change”

Real Steel Greenhouse Effect

13 years ago, amateur scientist Willis Eschenbach developed a thought experiment that he hoped would very simply illustrate how the Greenhouse Effect works. The main claim is that the addition of a steel shell surrounding a planetary surface will cause the inner surface to emit TWICE (235 -> 470 W/m2) the radiation as compared toContinue reading “Real Steel Greenhouse Effect”

USCRN Cooling

What is USCRN? One of the principal conclusions of the 1997 Conference on the World Climate Research Programme was that the global capacity to observe the Earth’s climate system is inadequate and deteriorating worldwide and “without action to reverse this decline and develop the GCOS [Global Climate Observing System] , the ability to characterize climate change and variationsContinue reading “USCRN Cooling”

How to Underestimate Geothermal

Many people believe that because the geothermal heat flux is ~91 milliwatts/m², this would imply that, without the sun, the Earth’s surface would be ~36 Kelvin. This is calculated the following way: The math is correct, but there are two problems. First, this is for the top-of-the-atmosphere, not for the surface. But I will notContinue reading “How to Underestimate Geothermal”

Global Sea Ice Area

According to many sources (including National Snow and Ice Data Center), global sea ice has been drastically decreasing for a long time. Today I will show you a very legitimate source that will have you question this fact. The data comes from NASA, specifically here, or here. The relevant data variable is called FRSEAICE. IContinue reading “Global Sea Ice Area”

Real Global Snowfall Trend

In a previous post, I tried measuring the global snowfall trend over the last 41 years using a pixel color technique because I couldn’t find the original data behind NASA’s public images. I have now found the higher resolution data needed to find the most accurate global snowfall trend. The data is from here1. TheContinue reading “Real Global Snowfall Trend”

YouTube removed 3.9 million dislikes for White House has been keeping track of White House videos since early February. Today I reveal the running count of dislikes removed by YouTube since the inception of 3.9 Million dislikes removed! The entire list of removals by video is archived here. The official totals are: Nearly twice as many dislikes were removed as remain.Continue reading “YouTube removed 3.9 million dislikes for White House”

Global Hurricane Hours

Climate alarmists claim that hurricane frequency is increasing. I have already dealt with this for the Atlantic, here. There was no trend. Today, I will analyze global data. NOAA sponsors the largest collection of historic hurricane data: IBTrACS (International Best Track Archive for Climate Stewardship). There is 13,545 storms archived going back to 1842, fromContinue reading “Global Hurricane Hours”

Atlantic Hurricanes Trend

Climate alarmists claim that Atlantic hurricanes will increase in frequency and intensity due to emission of carbon dioxide. Is this true? NOAA provides the data (HURDAT2) we need to examine this claim. Let’s first look at the frequency of hurricanes: Their first claim has some evidence, but let’s give this some thought: is measuring theContinue reading “Atlantic Hurricanes Trend”

Land Drought Index Trend

The Standard Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI) data gives us anomaly drought conditions over land spanning from 1901 to 2018 (inclusive) in monthly 0.5 degree latitude/longitude format. Today I combined all this grid data into a global land-only drought anomaly index and show its trend over time. Result: Looks like it’s getting dryer over land, but itContinue reading “Land Drought Index Trend”

Snow in the Era of Global Warming

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS DEPRECATED. GO HERE FOR UPDATE. Is anyone curious to know what the global snowfall trend was in this era of “extreme” global warming? I was. Luckily NASA covertly provides us with all the necessary data to figure this out. I downloaded all available monthly images from 1980 to 2020 (inclusive), suchContinue reading “Snow in the Era of Global Warming”

4 Decade Global Snowfall Trend

NOTE: THIS POST AND CODE IS DEPRECATED. PLEASE GO HERE FOR UPDATED VERSION. Is anyone curious to know what the global snowfall trend was in this era of “extreme global warming”? I was. Luckily NASA covertly provides us with all the necessary data to figure this out. I downloaded all available monthly images from 1980Continue reading “4 Decade Global Snowfall Trend”

Trend of Chlorophyll in Water

NASA has a data product that tracks the amount of chlorophyll in water across the globe. I downloaded all available 2003-2020 (inclusive) monthly data in 1440 by 720 pixel format to see how chlorophyll in water changes over time. This task is actually not easy because there’s a lot of missing data (black pixels). IContinue reading “Trend of Chlorophyll in Water”

Accurate Global Greening

In a previous post, Fortunate Global Greening, I used low resolution NASA data to determine changes to Vegetation Index. I did this because I didn’t want to spend 5 hours downloading 23 gigabytes of data for the highest resolution. I didn’t think this would matter that much, but unfortunately for me, it does. Here’s theContinue reading “Accurate Global Greening”

Land Change in Australia

This is for my Aussie fans. I show how Australia’s landscape changed from 2001 to 2019 using best available satellite data. Parts of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea that should appear on the map, are changed to water. Changes: Columns are in overall percent, except the last, which shows percent change from 2001 to 2019.Continue reading “Land Change in Australia”

Us and Enceladus

Enceladus is the 6th largest moon of Saturn. It has the distinction of being the most reflective object in the solar system. The bond albedo of Enceladus is 0.81. Let’s figure out what the average temperature of Enceladus should be using the standard approach. This is determined by 2 things: Insolation Longwave Radiation from Saturn.Continue reading “Us and Enceladus”

Trend in Global Fires

Climate alarmists claim that an increase in man-made greenhouse gas emission will cause more fires. For example … Human-induced climate change promotes the conditions on which wildfires depend, increasing their likelihood … — ScienceDaily Funk … says there is very well documented scientific evidence that climate change has been increasing the length of the fireContinue reading “Trend in Global Fires”

Fortunate Global Greening

Update: See new information. NASA offers a data product called a Vegetation Index. This can be used to track how green the Earth is. Although many are familiar with recent global greening, I prefer to always check the source data. And so I downloaded all of their available 16-day-increment data from 2000 to 2021. Here’sContinue reading “Fortunate Global Greening”

Average Moon Day and Night Temperatures

NASA’s Moon Fact Sheet doesn’t give the diurnal temperature range for the entire moon, just the equator: Strange. They have collected the data. Why didn’t they do the calculations? So I could do it? I went through every 15 degree increment longitude data available here. Day is the center hot spot +/- 90 degrees. NightContinue reading “Average Moon Day and Night Temperatures”

Effect of Clouds on Global Upwelling Radiation

I downloaded and analyzed 10 Gigabytes of data fully covering years 2003 to 2019 from “the only project worldwide whose prime objective is to produce global climate data records of ERB [Earth’s Radiation Budget] from instruments designed to observe the ERB” [site] [data] in order to see the effect of clouds at the surface, especiallyContinue reading “Effect of Clouds on Global Upwelling Radiation”

Greenhouse Gases as Coolants

There, I said it. Don’t believe me? I will show you … NASA offers an online tool for measuring the effects of clouds, aerosols, and greenhouse gases. Set Output to OUTPUT_details. Note the CO2 (ppmv) setting in the bottom left. Click Compute button to express form changes. Output comes below the form, so scroll down.Continue reading “Greenhouse Gases as Coolants”

Automated Twit

I needed to create a throwaway Twitter account for a research project. I decided to automate its creation and share the code with you 🙂 I used the handy service of 10minutemail for receiving Twitter’s verification code. I used the wonderful browser automation tool Nightmare. Automation in action: Code Setup NodeJS and Nightmare: Run:Continue reading “Automated Twit”

My research featured in a video

My previous article was featured in a video. Thank you Near Death Experiment ! The quality is excellent 🙂 Unfortunately I did not track it in time to watch youtube remove the million likes it got 😉 -Zoe Update 03/01 Looks like Youtube cancelled my kind fan Near Death Experiment and removed the video withContinue reading “My research featured in a video”

White House Youtube Dislike Manipulation

I’ve seen screenshots of YouTube modifying dislikes of White House videos. I decided I would do a thorough analysis myself. I wrote a script to check video stats every 80 seconds for 24 hours – for all videos on White House’s YouTube channel. The collected data is archived here and here. The format is space-separatedContinue reading “White House Youtube Dislike Manipulation”

Something Rotten in Georgia

Updated – 2021/01/06, 06:50 PM EST The results of the Georgia runoff election results do not make any logical sense to me. In the last 2 months I have probably seen political ads over 1000 times! No exaggeration. All for the 2 senate seats. There was not a single ad for Public Service Commission DistrictContinue reading “Something Rotten in Georgia”

Georgia Senate Runoff Timestamp Data

I was trying to find timestamp data for the Georgia 2021 Senate Runoff election. I couldn’t find it easily via a google search, but I kept digging, and managed to find it and extract it from NY Times’ live prediction data feed. Here it is … Code … Run it: format generates timestamp dataContinue reading “Georgia Senate Runoff Timestamp Data”