Is Virology Pseudoscience? 2

Continuing from my last post on the topic … please inform and decide yourself from watching these 2 movies (Total time: 3.5 hrs).

The End of Germ Theory, Stream Source: Odysee (Link)

Germs Debunk Corona, Stream Source: Odysee (Link)

Again, don’t hate the messenger. You don’t have to agree. -Z

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8 thoughts on “Is Virology Pseudoscience? 2

  1. Missed the earlier post (offline a lot over the last few months), but damn, 11 hours of video? :-0

    You’re recommending it though, so I trust that it’ll be worth my time. Thanks for the links!

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  2. Augh! I was looking for a post I might’ve missed and am back at the Clockwork Orange virology movies. Even the warmunism and ozone stuff, which I’ve followed since 1980 (when Pascal & Basic) require attention. Virus arguments either way call for too much suspension of disbelief. I’ll stay tuned for the thermometer stuff.


    1. Oh thank goodness they refuted all the facts in these films! If you ridicule something, that by itself makes you right! It’s not a fallacy or anything like that. lol. Nice try. These lame vax industry talking points have been debunked. Why were you given a brain? To use it. Try it sometime.


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