Ivermectin works

About a week ago I read a whole slew of mainstream media articles claiming that a new study completely debunks Ivermectin’s use in treating COVID19.

This is completely false.

Here’s a great takedown of that propaganda:

Whoops! The TOGETHER Trial actually showed that ivermectin worked.

And here’s a meta analysis of all the studies:


We’re living in a mad mad world, and the demons are not being caged.

– Z

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8 thoughts on “Ivermectin works

  1. I think the results in the Indian province of Uttar Pradesh, where their kits containing Ivermectin 12mg, zinc & an antibiotic to fight concurrent infections were given to all infected, & any one else in contact with an infected person says it all. The program stopped a raging infection rate dead in it’s tracks.

    I will never forgive our government the medical profession & the media for making it so hard to get my supply from India.

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  2. They (the evil-doers) needed to get the “vaccine” emergency-approved. One cannot get this approval if alternative treatments exists. Thereby the campaign to combat Ivermectin etc.

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    1. Quite so. Approved for trial of course. Not a lot of people realise they are guinea pigs for the worlds greatest trial. Trial and tribulation when the vaccines make them ill, if there is anything in them apart from saline of course. And their immune systems are poor.

      People do like to sell nothing for something, makes more profit that way.


  3. I’ve watched leftists lie about climate change for 25 years, so was not surprised at the demonization of ivermectin. Why use a cheap, safe, generic drug that works, when Big Pharma corporations can make lots of money with the highest risk vaccine in history, having only short term benefits? That would be too logical. Not something you’d expect from leftists in government. It’s sad to wonder about how many lives could have been saved with early treatments of Covid infections, BEFORE patients became so sick they needed hospitalization.

    My theory is that a small minority of people are allergic to spike proteins, and have a much more difficult time defeating them. Some of them die. Unfortunately, the same people are also allergic to spike proteins created by Covid injections. So the vaccines are just as dangerous for them as a natural Covid infection. … I should also mention I have a theory that it is impossible to prove anything, but I can’t prove it.
    Richard Greene
    Bingham Farms, Michigan

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  4. One might do the due by looking into some or all of the studies cited, (and the psuedo-selection process itself), in any analysis, (meta especially). Pay particular attention to enrollment and drop-out ratios -> inclusion and exclusion criteria, one by each -> looking for overall health markers taken into consideration and tracked, ((you know?? evidence-based medicine!!)), take note of the lack therof as well =>> Vitamin D3 levels @ > 30 ng/mL provides sufficient prophylactic effect for everyone –> each and every human –> including people with existing conditions known to be actual and expected proximate cause(s) of death -> that is, prior to the rewriting of the rules for issuance of Death Certificates in every jurisdiction now forming the new one world.

    == all discussion of successful treatment is hubris and pretense to some claim to have conquered the common cold … that they have conquered common law and common sense is for sure but all the rest is histories in the making.

    The common cold has ever been with us and so has the socio-psychopathic “urge” to rule the world. We can live free and die with these natural afflictions of the seasonal variety, that’s the important difference, AND btw, this average person, gets ZERO colds and flus annually, on average, since learning to shop and to cook and to clean. Once a decade or so seems to be natural across all cultures and times since before writing things down was invented. Water, Vitamins, Minerals, lack of toxins, sufficient restful sleep and a varied diet of mostly seasonally available local food … human health is easy to get but hard to achieve ‘because science’, how ironic is that?.

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    1. Yes, as the saying goes: “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”.

      I take all my vitamins, and eat organic fruits and vegetables, and the best meats (I can afford it). My “covid19” infection resulted in two days of low energy and sniffles – and that’s all.

      I also took Quercetin and Zinc.

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        1. Sounds like an interesting idea, but this is not a shift database. Believe it or not, I asked myself this question, but I can’t find a shift database. This is a distance database with some redshift values. Thanks tho


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