Yes, Indeed

In case you haven’t figured things out by now:

I wonder how accurate this actually is, but I don’t think it’s off by a lot.

That’s all. -Zoe

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  1. The CDC maintains a weekly data set of all cause mortality so would be great to see an analysis of possible excess mortality. I ran a super basic Excel spreadsheet and it does look close to the COVID numbers, sadly.

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  2. The math is pretty simple. Life expectancy is almost 1,000 months. So within one month, with a typical western demographic, about 0.1% (=1/1000) will pass away. If the population is 1 Mio, that makes 1,000 a month, or about 33 a day.

    Then just look at registered infections over the last 30 days. In Denmark for instance it were 1.2 mio cases. So you would expect 33 x 1.2 = 40 deaths a day of natural causes, if Omikron infections should not prevent death, or improve health. Incidentally Denmark registers quite precisely 40 Covid related deaths a day.

    Or as the danish health authority puts it:
    “Deaths = the statistics on fatalities include deaths recorded within 30 days of the detection of COVID-19 infection in the individual on the basis of PCR tests. COVID19 is not necessarily the cause of death.”

    Same thing in Austria, with about 900,000 infections and less than 30 Covid deaths a day. Or Germany, with about 6 mio infections and about 200 deaths a day. Accordingly there is no excess mortality at all due to the Omikron “wall”:

    With the Delta wave in autumn that was very different however. Not just was there an excess mortality of up to 30%, but only half of which could be explained by Covid, despite a certain percentage (~20%) again being falsely attributed to Covid.

    So there was an excess mortality of 3,000 to 4,000 per week unaccounted for!!! We can speculate that it might have been due to booster vaccinations, which peaked around the same time. But the point is pretty simple. If there is something killing so many people, would that not ring the alarm bells? Would health authorities not face an emergency and issue a warning to the public? None of that ever happened..

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  3. US all cause deaths on BOTH 2020 and 2021 were about 20% higher than in 2019. Two very bad years in a row.

    The deaths from Covid statistic is obviously a deaths with Covid number, misinterpreted as deaths FROM Covid. It is not a useful statistic. This post makes that obvious. Other than making that point, the post is irrelevant.

    A logical explanation of an unprecedented large increase of deaths in 2020 and 2021 would primarily consist of Covid deaths.

    The important message is that Covid vaccines in 2021 did not reduce all-cause deaths, versus 2020, which would be evidence they saved lives.


      1. There were about 500,000 more all-cause U.S. deaths in both 2020 and 2021, compared with 2019. There is no better explanation than Covid deaths in 2020, and a combination of Covid deaths and Covid vaccine related deaths in 2021. No other explanation comes close to explaining most of the deaths, based on what we now know.

        If “excess” deaths continue in 2022, we’ve got a big problem. Omicron in not a killer — it is not even a Coved variant. It is a new coronoavirus common cold with the same symptoms as any common cold, and the same extremely low infection fatality rate as common colds. To call Omicron anything but a common cold is scaremongering.

        Thanks for always interesting columns.
        We all wish there were more posts here,
        but high quality is better than high quantity.
        Richard Greene
        Bingham Farms, Michigan


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