YouTube removed 3.9 million dislikes for White House has been keeping track of White House videos since early February. Today I reveal the running count of dislikes removed by YouTube since the inception of

$ .; removals

Total: -3901479

3.9 Million dislikes removed!

The entire list of removals by video is archived here.

The official totals are:

$ .; totals

Views: 26645997
Likes: 378138
Dislikes: 2048757

Nearly twice as many dislikes were removed as remain. Disgusting!

Here’s another interesting fact: tracked 655 videos released by the White House. Only 427 videos are listed on White House’s YouTube Channel. They removed 228 videos!

So odd for the most popular resident ever!

Take care, -Zoe

BTW, this does not include the 130,000 dislikes removed Jan 26 to 27, as discovered here.


# Zoe Phin, 2021/06/21
# File:
# Run: source; all
# Output: removed.txt

vidlist() {
    last=$(wget -qO- $u | egrep -o '/[0-9]+' | tail -1 | tr -cd 0123456789)
    for i in $(seq $last); do
        wget -qO- "$u/$i/" | awk -F\' '
            $2~/os\//{print ""$2"/data.tsv"}'
    done | tee vidlist.csv

archive() {
    mkdir -p data
    for i in $(cat vidlist.csv); do
        wget -O data/${i:23:11}.csv $i

removals() {
    for f in $(ls data); do
        awk -vv=${f:0:11} '{D=$3-d;if(D<0)S+=D;d=$3}END{print v" "S}' data/$f
    done | awk '{print ""$1" "$2; S+=$2}END{
        print "\nTotal: "S}' | tee removed.txt

totals() {
    for f in $(ls data); do
        tail -1 data/$f
    done | awk '{V+=$1;L+=$2;D+=$3} END {print "Views: "V"\nLikes: "L"\nDislikes: "D}'

all() { vidlist; archive; totals; removals; }

Please use this code only for research, and not to spam my anonymous friend who made that site. Thank you.

Published by Zoe Phin

32 thoughts on “YouTube removed 3.9 million dislikes for White House

  1. I’m also seeing lots of dislikes on Biden videos (and Trump-bashing videos) on mainstream media, CNN, MSNBC, etc. The media’s rating’s have plumeted since Trump left office, so they can’t help but continue to bring him up every chance they get. It’s pathetic!

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  2. Lol – this was on HN for about 2 minutes before the libtards downvoted it into oblivion. For people who pride themselves on being so fucking smart they are fucking stupid as shit.

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    1. HN locked me out for “posting too fast”. Neat.

      BTW, The real deletions are probably much greater! got an average of ~28,000 deletions per day by sampling every 10 minutes.

      I got 130,000 deletions in 24 hours by sampling every 80 seconds.

      Who knows the true number?

      And if doubters claim YT is just getting rid of spam, they are still proving which side is much more engaged!

      Take care, -Zoe


  3. I managed to use the internet for 24 years before I ever placed a “like” or “dislike” vote after an article.or comment
    They are not fair to the writers.
    Let every reader decide for themselves.
    This year I lost my head and began “voting” on comments on one website.
    Which of course, I blame on climate change.
    Because none of my faults, are my fault.

    In my opinion, all likes and dislikes should be banned, and deleted.
    We need fewer “popularity contests”.
    Especially concerning science articles and comments.

    It’s always possible that I’m wrong about this,
    but that’s never at the top of my list of possibilities.


      1. I read about 15 climate science and energy websites a day,
        I like to encourage people who are doing the best work.
        — Keep up the original research here —
        Every time I read a science article here I wonder why no one else
        is covering that subject from the angle you had.

        I never heard the phrase “cringe people” before and had to look it up.
        I have a theory that “cringe people” don’t care about thumbs down votes,
        My theory is they enjoy getting lots of thumbs down, believing they are right, and everyone else is wrong.
        I also have a theory that it’s impossible to prove anything.
        But I can’t prove it.

        If I posted “I love global warming” (which I do) at a climate alarmist website, I’d get lots of thumbs down, my comment would be deleted, and I’d be blocked from making future comments at that website.
        I know that for a fact, because it happened to me.

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  4. This is the greatest thing ever created.

    @zoe Can you do the same for any of the following: TW likes, TW retweets, TW trending hashtags, YT search results, Google search results, Reddit posts, IG posts?


      1. If you create a patreon or similar fund raising site, I know about 70 million people who would gladly contribute. Including myself. Seriously – do it


        1. Money is not the issue. It’s time. That’s the very limited resource. Thank you, but there are people better qualified to do this.


        1. So did you have interactions with Pierre L. Gosselin from @NoTricksZone? He seems to know you.


  5. But what if you simply took Google at face value that spam accounts which are regularly swept and removed are taking their dislikes with them. That there is a huge cohort of spam accounts disliking whitehouse videos is a fascinating effect.

    You appear to have jumped to blame conspiracies for what is far more likely to be automated actions.


    1. Then google would be removing those “spam accounts” from PewDiePie’s videos too, right? This was researched by

      No, what happened was that Biden took over Trump’s account, along with all his subscribers. Hence the legitimate downvotes.

      How about all the videos WH removed themselves? Strange, huh?

      Maybe you’re jumping to conclusions?


  6. In 1955, the Solomon Asch experiment proved that dissembling fake majorities influenced weak-minded fools into lying about basic facts. But it also showed that a single dissenter could make 25% of the crowd realize the Emperor really was naked. These 81 million Orwellian memory hole transplants look a lot like persistent Thought Police efforts to keep the suckers gulled by rectifying malreported deviations from dogma. Thanks so much for pointing these out.

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  7. has in their PORN blocklist (they source their lists from other common lists out there, but have recently removed the ability to view the lists that make up their lists) I had to whitelist it to view it.

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