Global Water Dynamics

I think this dataset is very interesting. We can monitor global water level changes from 1999 to 2020 layered on top of google maps here. I naturally chose the Maldives as the starting point to see if the tiny islands nation is “doomed” as climate alarmists like to claim. Of course it isn’t.

Male, Maldives

Seldom any water level gains and plenty of reclamation. You are free to browse to other nearby islands and see that indeed there is very little encroachment of water.

The story is a little different for Bangladesh:

South Bangladesh

There is some water gain in certain areas, but there is also loss in other areas. There is little evidence of encroachment from the ocean. Just river dynamics.


South Florida

I don’t see much coastal water encroachment.

I’d love to run some analysis on this data, but the amount of it is simply overwhelming. Safe to say that since these data researchers didn’t quantify coastal water gain/loss for us it most likely doesn’t favor the alarmist position.

Anyways, Enjoy 🙂 -Zoe

Sorry I’ve been very busy lately.

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4 thoughts on “Global Water Dynamics

  1. Wow Zoe, this is really cool, I’m impressed. I am from Australia on a PhD in Environmental Law but an engineer by profession. I can certainly relate to your conclusion, on the side been modelling climate and energy matters. Have you also evaluate the greening of the continents? I am interested in tracking ave global temp, CO2 with changes in ocean water level and flora habitats. Keep going, Mrs Smarty Pants…da force is strong in you! lolz

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