81 Million Ballots

Supposedly 81 million actual people, not just ballots, voted for Joe Biden. There is ample reasons to suspect that foul play bumped this number by several million. You can find the evidence of it if you’re looking for it with an open mind. Even if not the case (doubtful), actual enthusiasm for this highly popular president is shall we say … laughable. One way to track this is the like-to-dislike ratio on White House Youtube Videos. The actual like-to-dislike ratio, not the manipulated one.

As you know, I analyzed this a short while ago in my article White House Youtube Dislike Manipulation. I am happy it inspired someone to keep a persistent watch on the most popular administration ever:


Here we can see that Biden’s recent SOTU address was disliked by 93.31% of online voters.

The media might have you believe these dislikes are bots and thus Google is justified in removing them. Odd. So only dislikers would bother to use “bots”? That’s how engaged they are? Likers are not engaged? Current White House fans have no money to buy bots, or ask Google for a like boost?

No, I don’t think so. That excuse won’t fly. I think these are engaged people voting legitimately, something the establishment couldn’t care less about.

Biden’s address was stupid and creepy, and he deserved all legitimate dislikes for it, including mine.

But that’s just my opinion. This post is not about my political opinions. I just wanted to thank 81m.org for keeping track of this situation and acknowledging their inspiration.

Give them a visit.

Best regards,


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9 thoughts on “81 Million Ballots

  1. Has this data of yours been fact checked? Surely you are not suggesting that the recent USA election was rigged on a diabolical massive scale? I will have to share your post on this so we can denounce you when we have found the obvious mistakes in your analysis.



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  2. Zoe: you are a Rock Star. I have cited your previous work on dislikes everywhere. People appreciate hard facts. I’ve debated this issue on several forums & it holds against the most ardent intellectuals. Thank you!

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  3. Hi again, Zoe. The impact of your idea continues to grow. Yesterday the Epoch Times featured an article citing the data at 81m.org, my site which expands on your initial idea. (By the way, I told the reporter at ET that you were the originator of the idea, but that fact unfortunately didn’t make it into the final article.)


    Just thought you might like to know.


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    1. Thank you so much!

      It’s OK. I only spent an hour on the code, a day running it, and 2 hours writing that article. I did it precisely so that someone else could take and carry the baton forward. Thank you for being that person and acknowledging your inspiration. 😘


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