My research featured in a video

My previous article was featured in a video. Thank you Near Death Experiment ! The quality is excellent 🙂

Unfortunately I did not track it in time to watch youtube remove the million likes it got 😉


Update 03/01

Looks like Youtube cancelled my kind fan Near Death Experiment and removed the video with ~10K views.

It’s still available here:

Published by Zoe Phin

3 thoughts on “My research featured in a video

  1. awesomer & wicked cool.- fully expecting this one will go & fast -> very fast very far, what a buzz. overnight success after many many hard and smart works, a fly on the wall is something to be. Thanks for sharing Zoe Phin, cheers!..

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  2. So the Youtube video is no longer available because Google pulled his account…

    “think of it as censorship in action”

    Stop using Google tech, now


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