My research featured in a video

My previous article was featured in a video. Thank you Near Death Experiment ! The quality is excellent 🙂

Unfortunately I did not track it in time to watch youtube remove the million likes it got 😉


Update 03/01

Looks like Youtube cancelled my kind fan Near Death Experiment and removed the video with ~10K views.

It’s still available here:

Published by Zoe Phin

6 thoughts on “My research featured in a video

  1. awesomer & wicked cool.- fully expecting this one will go & fast -> very fast very far, what a buzz. overnight success after many many hard and smart works, a fly on the wall is something to be. Thanks for sharing Zoe Phin, cheers!..

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  2. So the Youtube video is no longer available because Google pulled his account…

    “think of it as censorship in action”

    Stop using Google tech, now


    1. And wordpress put your message directly to spam, where I just found it. You can’t get a break.
      I linked bitchute because it embeds video in wordpress, unlike lbry.
      I want my audience to know that I never knew you until you wisely chose to use my research. Thank you very much again.

      Do you know more specifically why you got the boot?

      52K subscribers. I can’t even begin to feel your pain.


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