Something Rotten in Georgia

Updated – 2021/01/06, 06:50 PM EST

The results of the Georgia runoff election results do not make any logical sense to me. In the last 2 months I have probably seen political ads over 1000 times! No exaggeration. All for the 2 senate seats. There was not a single ad for Public Service Commission District 4, and yet the Republican running for this seat got more votes than Republicans running for either senate seat:

You can also grab NY Times’ data using this Linux one-liner (assuming you have curl and jq installed):

$ curl -s | jq -Mc '.data.races[].candidates[]|[.votes,.last_name,.party_id]' | tr -d '["]'

The result matches official GA site:


McDonald got ~15K more votes than Perdue, and ~38K more than Loeffler.

So the question is: How did this happen? How did Republicans manage to vote more for a less important race?

Do you really believe Republicans would vote more for Public Service Commission District 4 than two senate seats ???

No way!

It sure smells like fraud. As if ballots were thrown out … or switched to Democrats.

Also, the Democrat for Commission District 4 got less votes than other Democrats. As if many fake ballots were produced rapidly just for the senate seats, and perpetrators didn’t have time to fill in this seat.

How about November 2020 senate election data? I combine both senate races:

$ curl -s '' | jq -Mc '.data.races[1,2].candidates[]|[.party_id,.last_name,.votes]' | tr -d '["]' | tee november.csv


I open the results in Excel, and try to combine data into Left and Right candidates. Republican and Libertarian is obviously Right. Democrat and Green are obviously Left. I give the Left a huge boost by including Independents with the Left, and despite this …

The Right Wins. What’s surprising is that the Right lost both Senate Runoff Elections. Why?


Something is very rotten in the state of Georgia!


If you missed it:

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15 thoughts on “Something Rotten in Georgia

  1. Thank you for your research, Zoe.

    In an earlier article, you showed how to generate a graph of the cumulative R and D votes over the hours of election day and night… for the whole USA. Could you please show us a similar graph for state of Georgia’s R and D votes on Nov.3-4? Thank you. Is there a significant difference between the temporal pattern for the R and D graphs, such as vote subtraction incidents?

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  2. Fairness.
    Is there any other country getting a more fair election than US?
    If yes, I want to know these specific countries.
    If US has most fair elections compared to any other country, that would nice to know.
    If any country will get a significant improvement in the fairness of there elections in
    the future, that would be important.
    Likewise if fairness in election in all countries in the future is going to decline, that would be
    Does anyone know anything about such trends.
    And if don’t, how can say you know anything about the world?
    {Obviously, I don’t know much about the world}



      I don’t agree with Scott Adams about everything or even 1/2.
      But I will listen to him.
      Oh, he says Antifa would be impressed, but I believe there was some Antifa involved
      {Some Antifa which is Trump supporter?? Why not, Scott claims Antifa is not political {and I think Scott mostly
      right about Antifa not being political].}

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      1. Antifa is entirely political. How could you even argue otherwise? They are paid protesters at least a good portion of them the rest are just useful idiots.


    2. I think the US has very unfair/corrupt elections. Changing election rules part way through an election. Mechanical counting or electronic counting. Machines with internet connectors. Unlimited budgets for political advertising.

      Compared to little old UK.

      Strict limits on money that can be spent. For a councillor less than 1000 pounds per election can be spent on leaflets.
      For an MP (congressperson) a couple of 1000. Parties can spend more for headquarter funding activities, but it is all strictly controlled, monitored and if any wrong doing, one party reports the other and a court case ensues.

      Political advertising is limited to one 2 minute TV broadcast per week. That is the max. It depends on how many candidates are fielded by your party. No individual advertising is allowed apart from leaflets through your door.

      Voting is usually done in person but you can apply to have a postal ballot.

      People are canvassed by post, about 6 months prior to an election to see if you are still living at your known address.

      If you fiddle with this form you can be heavily fined.

      All in all, I would say the UK much more fair.

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  3. It seems the US does not have a central population register like European countries have. The whole voting process and verifying it is more complicated.


  4. I found the same phenomenon in the November 3 race in my home state. May I send you my written analysis? It’s short. Thank you


  5. Don’t be daft. In NC, we have often elected a Democratic governor while the state votes Republican for President. If you can make sense of that, but the GA senate/public service commission issue looks like fraud to you, you’re living in a reality that has been personally crafted for your belief structure.


  6. There’s a good video about the precinct level mathematical anomolies in GA for November 3. I forgot where I saw it but the mathematician concluded that there’s not enough stars in the sky and it could’ve only been done with an algorithm.

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