Why we should move the prime meridian!

The prime meridian is at an unsatisfactory location. Placing the prime meridian in the center of a map produces a very ugly map:

Today’s Ugly Reality

If you ask a petite woman (me) where the new meridian should pass through, naturally the answer would be the islands of Askø, Lilleø, Femø.

They belong to Denmark, and they all have a spot on land 11.5° to the east of the current meridian. What does moving the meridian 11.5° to the east do?

A Better Tomorrow

Much better!

The very center is now in the country of Gabon.

So let’s gab on about this until it becomes a reality!

Yours Truly, -Zoe

P.S. This article is written in jest. I’m dead serious tho. grrr

Published by Zoe Phin


5 thoughts on “Why we should move the prime meridian!

  1. Dude. I’m right there with you. Although, not that we should move the Prime Meridian to another arbitrary location (even if it is ascetically more pleasing), I think there is a much better way to do this.

    Make the Prime Meridian a ‘floating’ line, which shifts with the spin of the Earth. This would look like a lateral line running North-South, parallel with the spin-axis of the Earth – and would always be the closest point to the Sun. All time would be measured as +/- from this transient line. (i.e. wherever you are in the world, when the Sun is at it’s peak, that’s 00:00. Time leading up to that point is -, time after that point is +, until the Sun is on the completely opposite side – shifting time from – to +)

    It would cause heaps of confusion at the start, but would make way more sense in the long term. Would also mean that when we travel to other planets, we could use the same system.


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